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2024-2025 STEM Academy Applications

The STEM Academy application window closes on February 8, 2024.  All late applications will be placed on our waitlist.


We are so excited about your interest in the STEM Academy at SVT!  Our application has a few components, all of which can be found on the Google Application Form.  In the form, you will complete the following sections:

  • Personal Information,
  • Student Academic Information & Interests,
  • Personal Responses to TWO prompts
  • Student Recommendations from THREE adults.


Please complete the following items to apply for the STEM Academy at SVT for the 2024-25 school year. 


1. Plan your written responses to the following prompts. We suggest typing them in advance and then copying it into the answer space. Responses need to be limited to 200 words each.  
Prompt 1:  Please tell us about yourself! Include your hobbies/interests and describe a personal characteristic that makes you a good fit for the STEM Academy at SVT.
Prompt 2:  Why do you want to attend the STEM Academy?
Optional Response: Is there anything else the staff at SVT needs to know about you or anything that would be helpful to share?
2. Complete the Google Application Form Click here and either add your prepared written responses, please.


3. Send this Google Form link Click here for Form to three (3) teachers/references. You need to have a recommendation from:
      • A Math/Science/STEM teacher,
      • A second teacher of your choice,
      • Another adult that can speak to your strengths and abilities. This could be a counselor, coach, teacher, or another adult you know.


4. Applicants will be emailed once their application is considered complete. Please be sure your email address is correct when you complete your application.  A complete application includes the enrollment form, your personal responses (written), and three (3) completed references. 


Want to know more about the STEM Academy?  Check out for more information or join us for Innovator Information Night on January 18, 2024. 

 STEM Academy Application Graphic


Questions? Contact Tricia Campbell at [email protected] or (509) 558-6507.