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Computer Science and App Development

If you like working with computers and think you might like to learn to program, then this is definitely the right program for you. You will work with state of the art facilities, computers and tablets as you learn Java.    

  • Code in Java, one of the most widely used programs in the world. 
  • Develop a mobile application that you can use for yourself or maybe even take it to market. 
  • Take the Advanced Placement Computer Science exam which may help reduce the cost of your post-secondary education. 
  • Computer Science is one of the top paying college degrees that you can get. 


Top Ten Reasons to Study Computer Science

  1. Computing is part of everything we do!
  2. Expertise in computing enables you to solve complex, challenging problems.
  3. Computing enables you to make a positive difference in the world.
  4. Computing offers many types of lucrative careers.
  5. Computing jobs are here to stay, regardless of where you are located.
  6. Expertise in computing helps even if your primary career is something else.
  7. Computing offers great opportunities for true creativity and innovativeness.
  8. Computing has space for both collaborative work and individual effort.
  9. Computing is an essential part of well-rounded academic preparation.
  10. Future opportunities in computing are without boundaries.



Quick Info
8:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Science / Math
College Credit:
Advanced placement credit available