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Questions & Answers

Who can attend Spokane Valley Tech?

Juniors and seniors from area public and private high schools are eligible to attend Spokane Valley Tech. Homeschooled students are also welcome. Students must have at least six high school credits completed before enrolling and have a good attendance record.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost. Spokane Valley Tech is a part of the Washington State public school system.

Why should I consider attending SVT?

In addition to earning high school credit, students learn valuable technical, professional and employability skills to prepare for careers and college. There are opportunities to earn college credit, participate in internships and worksite learning as well as earn state and national certifications or licenses.

Can I earn college credit?

Yes! Spokane Valley Tech works closely with post-secondary partners to provide college credits for high school students that complete our programs. Nearly all of our programs are eligible for college credit or industry certification, and all will soon be connected to post-secondary partners.

Do I earn high school credit?

Yes! Successful completion of one semester at Spokane Valley Tech earns 1.5 CTE (Career and Technical Education) credits.

Is transportation provided?

Each school district is responsible for providing transportation to students attending Spokane Valley Tech during the school day. Students attending after school classes must provide their own transportation.

What is an Opt Out form?

Spokane Valley Tech parents/guardians who want to withhold student Internet access as well as the release of student directory information should complete the Spokane Valley Tech Opt Out form, available in the school office.